Winter Tires, Do I Need Them?

Wondering how winter tires work on our vehicles? Read below to learn more!

The Canadian winter is said to be one of the most daunting seasons of them all. The great news is Roam has you covered no matter the weather! If you’re looking for safety and security while you drive, rest assured we are able to meet your needs.

Are Winter Cars On Roam Cars Now?

At Roam all of our vehicles are equipped with brand new all season tires that have tread long and tough enough to tackle any winter storms that can come your way. Due to our vehicles being a year or less old, it is in fact just as safe to drive with the all season tires especially if you will be driving within the city!

I Still Want Winter Tires, Can You Provide Them?

No matter the case, our goal is to make sure you’re comfortable and feel safe in your vehicle. To be eligible for winter tires you will need to:

  • Be a in a 3 month subscription or higher
  • Pay an additional $150 per month until the tires are removed (this charge will be reflected on your subscription until the tires are no longer on your vehicle, your original subscription fee will return to normal afterwards)

  • Have more questions about winter tires or our vehicles? Chat with us on the bottom right hand corner of your screen for further information and we will be happy to assist you!