Can I Use the 407 With Roam?

Do you find yourself taking the toll routes frequently? Read more below to see how we accommodate for tolls!

We understand that our subscribers are people on the go! From work, to school, your Saturday night plans and more, sometimes you have to get there FAST. If you frequent taking tolls routes, Roam is more than happy to assist you so that you don't jeopardize any time!

How it works

If you use the highway 407 ETR, the charge will go to us automatically. Roam does not cover tolls fees, once we receive the charge we will send you the invoice.

Can I use my own transponder?

You are unable to have the transponder registered to the vehicle, however putting the transponder in your vehicle will still let you have the toll bill sent to you for payment!

What if I don't have my own transponder?

No worries! At this time transponders to not come included with our vehicles, however our billing team does take care of the fee and bills the amount back directly to you once the toll is made aware of!

Is There an Administrative Cost?

It's a $2 processing fee for each time you use the toll, but the total we will charge you for the processing fee is up to $25! This $25 processing fee will cover all of your subscription!

What if I paid for the fees but I'm still charged?

No problem! Just let us know and provide the invoice showing the date and time when the highway toll was used and the charge indicated and we can forward it to our team omit that.