Driving With Uber & Gig work with my Roam Vehicle

Looking to get a vehicle for Uber? Here's Our Policy Around Driving For Uber and Requirements

Tesla for Uber Program

Roam provides Tesla model 3 Standard vehicles on a monthly basis with their Tesla for Uber program. The price is $2200+HST/month, for 5000km/month of usage.

Only in-stock Tesla Model 3's are eligible for this program. No exceptions are made on any other vehicle type, and the kilometre restriction is firm.

Roam is not designed to support gig workers, so if the 5000km/month limit is not high enough, we recommend the Hertz Tesla for Uber program.

I am an existing subscriber, can I drive with Uber in my Roam vehicle?

Roam vehicles are not permitted for ride-share or delivery unless you have explicitly signed up with our Tesla for Uber Program.

Unless Roam has provided permission, rideshare, taxi services, or package delivery is a violation of our policy will result in the immediate termination of your agreement.

What Vehicles Are Available for Uber?

Only a Tesla model 3 is available to drive for for Uber, under Roam's Tesla for Uber program. No other vehicles are eligible, and unfortunately no exceptions are made.

The reason for this, is the amount of driving required for Uber provides signifiant wear on the vehicles, which causes depreciation.

Vehicles available for other Ride-sharing programs

Unfortunately the Uber program is only available for our Teslas. We do not allow customers to use their vehicles for commercial purposes like ride sharing, package or food delivery. This includes Lyft, Skip the Dishes, and other programs.

Again, doing so against our policy will result in the immediate termination of your agreement.

How much does it cost to rent a Tesla for Uber driving?

The cost of renting a Tesla for Uber driving would be the same as any vehicles for personal use. It varies depending on the model, term, and mileage. Take a look at our Teslas and their pricing here.

Are there additional mileage available for Uber driving?

All our Teslas come with 5000km per month for $2300+HST.

We do not allow our vehicles to go past the 5000km limit, even for Uber driving. Going past your mileage allowance will subject you to $1 per every km over your limit.

Is insurance included in the Tesla rental for Uber driving?

All of our vehicles are under the blanket policy. In case your rented Tesla requires maintenance or repair, please contact our customer service team immediately. They will assist you in arranging the necessary services or provide a replacement vehicle if needed.

Tesla For Uber Program

What are the requirements for Roam's Tesla for Uber Program?

To be approved to drive, you must meet both Roam and Uber's requirements.

Roam's requirements

  • A valid Ontario G licence
  • Minimum of 1 year driving history with another insurance provider
  • No major criminal convictions or moving violations
  • No more than 1 at-fault accident in the past 3 years

You can look in-depth at our driver requirements here.

Uber's requirements

  • Your Uber Score of 4.8 or higher
  • A soft credit check (approved by our insurance provider)
  • Minimum age of 25

Uber requires minimum of 250 trips to be able to drive a luxury brand vehicle under their platform.

How do I get started?

Simply create a subscription for one of our Teslas and once your Driver's license is uploaded we'll get in touch to schedule your delivery and deposit. Let us know your plans to use the Tesla for Uber and we'll get things prepared for you on our end!

Browse our Teslas

We will get the Uber certificate for you upon pickup, but you will need to bring the vehicle to your mechanic for the safety certificate.

Once you pick up your vehicle, you will now need to complete the requirements on Uber's end and finish signing up with your Roam vehicle with them! All the documents you need are under your Roam account.

If you are having issues uploading your please try uploading them as a JPG file instead of the PDF. Otherwise any other issues feel free to contact our Support team for assistance.

Other Business Inquiries

Looking to use your vehicle for other business purposes outside of Uber and Ridesharing? Get in contact with our business and get started for your Business journey with Roam!