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Roam's referral program lets you earn (and give) credit to save on your monthly car subscription payments!

Referring someone is easy.


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You can find your referral code in your dashboard. Just look for the 'Referral Program' tab on the menu.


Earn (and give) $250

Whenever someone becomes a Roam subscriber using your code, you both automatically save $250.


Stack your referrals

There is no limit on how many people you can refer, or how much money you save. Refer enough people and drive for free!

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Too good to be true?

Simply refer enough friends and lower your monthly payments to zero.

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Earn and give $250

Share the love and be a hero.

Roam awards both you and your friend $250 when they become an active subscriber.

Isn't it nice to help others?

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Your credit and your referral's credit will be applied once you activate your first month's subscription.

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