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Phone & Email Account Verification Guide

To finishing creating your Roam account, and access your Roam Dashboard, you'll need to verify both your phone & email

Your Roam dashboard contains personal information, and we value your privacy! That's why we ensure all Roam users complete a thorough account verification process to protect their information & keep their details secure.

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Table of Contents

- Why Do I Need to Verify My Account?

- Steps to Verify My Account

- Common Verification Questions

Why Do I Need to Verify My Account?

When you complete your account verification you get access to your Roam Dashboard, which grants you access to:

  • All available, and soon to be available Roam vehicles
  • Your insurance documents & vehicle information
  • Ability to manage your payments, see invoices, & update your credit card
  • Schedule your vehicle pickup, and return, or valet service
  • Manage your details and subscription

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Steps To Verify My Account

Step 1: Phone Verification

  • You will be prompted to enter the 4-digit verification code that is texted to your phone # via SMS.
  • Check your phone for the text message, and re-open your browser to the phone verification screen that looks similar the below (Hint: You can sign up for a Roam account on both desktop and on your mobile browser)
  • Enter the 4-digit code to proceed to the email verification
  • If you're using a phone number that can't receive text messages, you can change your number before proceeding

Step 2: Email Verification

Please note! This screen looks the same as the phone verification screen, however, you will now be prompted for another 4-digit code for your email verification.

  • Check your email for the 4-digit code that's been sent to the email address you signed up with
  • Sometimes the code takes a few minutes to arrive in your inbox
  • The email will be sent from [email protected]
  • Re-open the same Roam page in your browser, and enter the unique 4-digit code that you have copied from your email
  • Hint: Check your junk or spam folder if you cannot see the code in your inbox

Continue Verifying My Account

Frequently Asked Account Verification Questions

My verification code is not working

You have been sent 2 unique verification codes. The 1st code is to verify your phone # (sent via SMS), and the 2nd code (sent to your email) is to verify your email. Please ensure you are using the correct verification code for each both verification steps.

I did not receive my verification code

Most verification codes are sent immediately, however, it could take up to a minute for your verification code to be sent through.

Please check your phone for your first verification code, sent through text.

If you cannot see your email verification code, please check your "junk" or promotions inbox.

I entered the wrong phone # or email

You can edit both your phone number and your email address during the verification process.

I have an international phone #, will that work?

  • You will need a Canadian phone number with a regular area code in order to sign up for your roam account. Canadian phone #'s are 10-digit, and should look similar to this (647-123-1234).