Mileage Questions

Having a Roam vehicle can get you to far places - here's what you need to know about your Roam vehicle and choosing the best mileage plan.

Every Roam car subscription comes with 2,000 kms included - this is more than how much the average Canadian driver uses. When creating your subscription you can choose a higher mileage package that will increase the price of your subscription.

How do I know how much mileage I used?

We recommend keeping note of your mileage at the start of your subscription for your own reference, however we do keep note of it! Feel free to contact our support team and we will let you know!

Is there credit for unused mileage?

No there is no credit issued for unused mileage - unused mileage does not carry over.

Can I add more mileage to my subscription?

Customize your mileage package based on your driving habits.

You can increase your mileage for a total of 3000km each month. We offer an additional 1000km, for a total of 3000km per month ($99 to $150)

The price depends on the vehicle, so please view your vehicle page for the exact prices. Feel free to let one of our team members know when you would like to add your mileage and will be added to your monthly subscription charge!

You can add additional mileage for just one month for make it a recurring option.

⚠️ Additional kilometers beyond your mileage package will cost you $1 per kilometer.

Do you have an unlimited mileage plan?

We are not offering unlimited mileage at this time.