Additional Insurance Documents: Letter of Experience

If you have been sent a request for additional documents or need to see what they look like, please read below.

Wondering why you have been asked to provide additional documents? Our insurance provider is requiring us to provide further information in order to get you approved which is why you have been asked! Think of this as a method of 2 step verification process to help us match the necessary information to you!

Reasons you might receive this request:

  • You have uploaded a G2 level licence
  • You have no little to no insurance history

What additional document do you need?

A letter from your auto insurance history from your previous country of residence confirming information like the policy number, length of the policy, any claims or accidents during the time you held the policy. If you have insurance history from another country, we can expedite your approval when submitted

What does this document look like?

Here is an example of what a letter of experience could look like:

How can you obtain these documents?

You can receive the ‘letter of experience’ courtesy of your current or most recent insurance provider! Simply give them a call and request to receive this document via email

What Happens If I Cannot Provide These Documents?

Unfortunately, the likelihood of our insurance provider processing your request at this time would be low since they tend to want to see policy coverage, however we are working to update our policy to allow more coverage and flexibility for clients!

Will This Be Changing in the Future?

At the moment our current insurance provider is requesting this to ensure the safety of all those in our vehicles and the safety of all people on the road. However, we understand that there are many other obstacles which we believe we can jump through together in the future once we have alternative insurance providers who can provide more flexibility. Our goal is to have everyone in a Roam vehicle!