I have a flat tire

Experiencing difficulties with a sudden flat tire?

Your safety is our priority, here are the next steps to tackle your flat tire:

  1. Call roadside assistance to get immediate service and continue driving! The number specific to your vehicle brand can be found at the end of this page or by clicking here!
  2. **The original tire will need to be inspected and kept during this process**

  3. Fill out the roam incident report form and ensure to take detailed photos of the tire and vehicle.

24/7 Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance covers you for flat tires, drained batteries, key lockouts, or any other services that require towing. It's easy to connect with roadside support, all you need to do is call one of the numbers below. Have your VIN and vehicle information ready (located in your glove box or your Roam Dashboard) before you call! If this is not accessible to you please call our support line (647) 966-8691.

  • Audi 1-800-411-9988
  • BMW 1-800-267-8269
  • Honda 1-800-465-7587
  • Hyundai 1-800-268-9958
  • Jeep 1-800-363-4869
  • Kia 1-866-444-5421
  • Lexus 1-800-265-3987
  • Mazda 1-877-756-2932
  • Mitsubishi 1-888-648-7820
  • Nissan 1-800-267-5936
  • Polestar 1-800-806-2507
  • Tesla 1-877-798-3752
  • Toyota 1-888-869-6828
  • Volkswagen 1-800-411-6688