Can My Credit Card Cover Insurance?

Wondering if your own insurance is able to cover any damage fee that comes up while you are with Roam? Here's what you need to know!

Can I opt out of the insurance fee?

Our insurance is a blanket policy that covers all vehicles so we cannot remove individual vehicles from the insurance at this time.

My credit card covers rentals. What can I do?

The fine print of most credit cards states that they do not cover rentals beyond a few days. As we are a long-term vehicle service, the insurance may not apply. However, if you find that your insurance is still able to cover your Roam rental, you can use the insurance to cover any damage or insurance deductible!

Will my credit card insurance cover any damages?

If you incur any damage on the vehicle, we will send you an invoice to pay. You are required to pay the minimum deductible if you are involved in any accident or have damage outstanding on your vehicle.

If you pay your deductible with a credit card that has coverage or reimbursement for insurance payouts relating to vehicle damage, you may raise a claim with your credit card provider after the Roam deductible has been paid.

Once you’ve paid for the damage or deductible, you can submit a claim with your credit card company to process and reimburse you for the bill.

For details and all matters of reimbursement on invoices paid for by credit card, you must refer to your credit card provider.

If you're still worried and would like more coverage, you might be eligibe