Changing My Vehicle Booking

Experiencing difficulties with a sudden flat tire?

Did you know that you can switch your vehicle at any time?

If your needs change, or you've done more research, you can change your vehicle at any point!

Check out the video for fast info on how to update your car

How do I change my vehicle?

In Your Roam Dashboard

  1. Log into your Roam Dashboard, at

You are able to click on the "change my vehicle or plan" button, where you can update your kilometers, plan term, or vehicle! From here it will bring you to a screen in your dashboard, where you can select from a list of currently available vehicles.

On the main site (Browse Cars)

  1. Navigate back to the page and filter through the Roam vehicle inventory
  2. Once you've found a vehicle you might want to switch to, you can select 'Subscribe Now', and it will update this vehicle to be reflected in your dashboard

When can I change my vehicle:

  • You may change your vehicle at any point up until your subscription has been activated.
  • Even if you have paid a security deposit, you can change your vehicle in the dashboard, or speak to a team member about changing your vehicle
  • For whatever reason, on activation day, if you are unsatisfied with your vehicle choice, speak to a team member and they will assist you with available inventory

When can't I change my vehicle:

  • You are in an 'active' Roam subscription
  • You may change your vehicles through a swap, which is when you want to switch vehicles before your agreed upon term, A swap costs $250 and can be performed by a team member!