Changing My Vehicle, or Switching Cars In My Roam subscription

Looking to change up your current vehicle? Read more to see how Roam's flexible plans can get you there!

What's great about Roam is that we are more flexible than a regular lease! If you don't like your current vehicle you can initiate a swap using

Am I allowed to swap vehicles?

Monthly Subscription: As you are a monthly subscriber, the swap fee is waived.

3-month subscription: There will be a charge of $250 to swap

If you are looking to swap out of your current vehicle, visit here to see our available vehicles ready for you!

Vehicle Swap Page:

Simply fill out the form at the bottom with your information and requested vehicle from the list and our team will get in touch to discuss further!


We'll be happy to answer any questions once we receive your form!

Will the pricing for my original vehicle carry over to a new vehicle?

At this time, the pricing cannot carry over to new vehicles as they are only attached to that vehicle.