Dead Battery, Or My Vehicle Won't Start

Caught in a sticky situation with a dead battery? Here's some tricks and resources to help you start your vehicle!

In these Canadian Winter weather you might have experienced your vehicle not starting.

Cold weather puts extra strain on car batteries, significantly reducing their strength. The cold can also thicken essential fluids that need to flow through the engine. If you suspect the cold is causing the issue, you can try the following:

  • Turn the key from the off position to the start position 10 times in a row
  • Try to start the engine again after waiting a few minutes

This process normally helps warm up the battery, but it may take a couple times before it works.

Newer vehicles have push buttons instead of keys that go in the ignition. These buttons need a signal from the remote or key fob to start. Sometimes the remote battery dies or gets out of sync with the car. Try swapping out the fob's battery first.

If your vehicle still isn't starting, please call roadside assistance for immediate service. It's easy to connect with roadside support, all you need to do is call one of the number’s that match your vehicle, have your VIN information handy, and provide it to the customer support rep who will connect you with a tow truck or service vehicle.

  • Audi 1-800-411-9988
  • BMW 1-800-267-8269
  • Honda 1-800-465-7587
  • Hyundai 1-800-268-9958
  • Jeep 1-800-363-4869
  • Kia 1-866-444-5421
  • Lexus 1-800-265-3987
  • Mazda 1-877-756-2932
  • Mitsubishi 1-888-648-7820
  • Nissan 1-800-267-5936
  • Polestar 1-800-806-2507
  • Tesla 1-877-798-3752
  • Toyota 1-888-869-6828
  • Volkswagen 1-800-411-6688

They will assist you with starting your vehicle. With a dead battery, having a set of jumper cables should be enough to get your car started again. Our vehicles are new and should not need to replace the battery due to them being old. If however they find an underlying issue with the vehicle, you will need to let us know by contacting Support and filing an Incident Report

Incident Safety Report

After our team has reached out to you to determine the best possible solution, we will let you know if there are any expenses or coverages available for you!

**If any replacement is required, the subscriber is responsible for the cost**