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Why You Should Rent A Tesla For 30+ Days Before Buying One

This article walks you through all the things you should consider before making the long-term commitment to buying a Tesla or any new electric vehicle.

Last Updated June 9, 2023

10 min read

Want to get an electric car because you’ve heard stories from friends and family about how great Teslas and other EVs are, but you're not 100% convinced yet?

You should rent a Tesla.

And do you want to get all the benefits by switching to an EV, but aren't quite sure what the downsides are compared to your gas vehicle?

You should rent a Tesla

If you think a 30 minute test drive in a Tesla isn't enough to to make the decision, then this guide is for you - and, you should rent a Tesla.

In 10 minutes ⏲️ you're going to learn how you can rent a Tesla, and the 10 criteria you should look for over the 30+ days of renting to decide if you're ready to make the switch to EV and factory order or finance a Tesla.

🙅‍♂️ You shouldn't rent a Tesla if:

  • You don’t have electric vehicle range anxiety
  • You haven’t seen hundreds of Tesla Model 3s on the road. 
  • You don’t want to save money, and don’t need to know the tradeoffs and cost savings of electric vehicles
  • You haven't watched hours of electric car reviews made by Youtubers in California

Even if you’ve had exposure to an electric vehicle in person - whether it's on a neighbour’s driveway, or even in a 30 minute Model 3 test drive at a Tesla dealership, you’re reading this guide because you have questions or criteria on what it’s like to own an electric car, before you make the decision to buy one.

The best way to answer these questions? Rent a Tesla for an Extended Test Drive on a car subscription, so you can actually experience what it’s like to own an electric vehicle!

🐱 Rent a Tesla to experience the equivalent of a big expensive electric pet

Before you buy an electric car you’ll have to decide if you can be responsible enough for the benefits that an electric car can provide you. There will be tradeoffs, you will need to spend time learning new information (which this guide provides), and you must build new habits to have a healthy relationship with your electric car. 

The reason that electric vehicle ownership might seem like a ‘cult’, is because truthfully, there is a level of discipline you must have to make an electric vehicle worthwhile.

✅ Items You Will be Responsible For During Your Extended Tesla Rental Subscription

Can you maintain a consistent charging schedule and wake up earlier?

Anyone can take a Tesla Model 3 for a 30 minute test drive and be impressed with the minimalist design of the vehicle. You could even try the vehicle for 1-3 days overnight to understand what its like to charge the vehicle.

However, after living with the vehicle for 7+ days, you truly begin to appreciate the accommodations you will need to begin making to ensure your vehicle is working on your schedule, and you are proactive enough to maintain the ownership required to enjoy your electric vehicle!

Long weekends, holidays, roadtrips, cold weather conditions, unexpected trips - these are the realities that will present themselves after 30+ days in the ‘real world’ and ‘non-deal’ conditions which will ultimately help you make the decision if an electric vehicle is the right option for you.

This is why you should rent a Tesla for 30+ days on an Extended Car Subscription with Roam.

Are you willing to wait to precondition your battery for the best battery efficiency?

Do you have the patience to start your vehicle for 10-15 minutes before your morning commute?

Basically: are you willing to wake up earlier to make this happen? Plan ahead so you’re not late?

This is easy to do for the first day or week, however you’ll only know if this sustainable or realistic practise that you can keep if you’ve kept the vehicle for 30+ days. You must build new routines if you want to get the most out of your electric cars.

Are you OK with planning longer road trips around charging stops?

Yes, electric vehicles like a Tesla Model 3 will save you gas on your daily commute, however when you’re planning longer road trips you must be willing to accept that you will make stops along the way that are much less time effective than a 3 minute gas stop. You might even need to go out of your way, or spend more km travelling to include the charging stations necessary to get to your destination. Are you willing to spend more time driving a few times a year, to the convenience of electric?

Are you willing to wait at charging stations that are busy?

Only in 30+ days of driving a Tesla will you truly understand the sacrifice of waiting at a busy charging station.

If you pull up, and the charging station is full, are you OK to spend additional time during potential holidays or weekends waiting for a charge?

This might only be a small fraction of the time, and is highly dependent on location and time of day, but it is a reality of electric vehicle ownership!

Can you accept up to 30% reduced range in the winter months?

Lets face it, all our electronic devices become less efficient in holding their charge during colder winter months. This is no different for an electric vehicle like a Tesla Model 3. If your range goes from 600km per ‘charge’ to only 400km, is this going to affect your daily route or weekly charging schedule in a way that no longer makes an electric vehicle worth it?

This is something only you can answer based on your driving habits and location!

Sorry, California Youtubers!

Are you OK with battery degradation?

As your car ages, your range will naturally decrease. Although, slowly, but its never getting better!

If you plan on keeping your vehicle for 5+ years, or take a 7+ year finance, are you comfortable knowing this is a reality of electric vehicle ownership?

Do you understand what Tesla Autosteer and Autonomous Driving actually provide?

Have you seen all the cool videos on social media of the Tesla Autopilot or Autosteer features? Does it almost seem too good to be true - where the car is driving itself? It might be! Some autonomous driving features in the Tesla Model 3, or other electric vehicles are fantastic, however there are still many driver attention/intervention features built in! Sorry to break the news to you, however you’ll have to be present while driving!

In 30+ days after the honeymoon phase wears off, you’ll find yourself being able to know what's a ‘gimmick’, and what actually improves your quality of life!

Do you have a consistent place to charge your Tesla or electric vehicle?

Do you really understand the Level 1, Level 2, & Level 3 charging accommodations in terms of hours and waiting and scheduling?

If Level 1 is not enough, are you willing to invest in a wall-mounted charging station in your house? Will your Condo have sufficient EV spots? Will you have to fight to park your vehicle there?

When you rent a Tesla with Roam for 30+ days with a car subscription, you’ll be confident that you have the right facilities and are happy to make any investment required for your electric vehicle!

You won’t have a regular key fob

Go camping, have spotty coverage in your area, find yourself going over your phone’s data plan, or park in underground garages often? Don’t get stranded knowing that you’ll only be able to use a card, or your phone as a keyfob to unlock your Tesla Model 3 rental! Removing the traditional keyfob definitely adds more flexibility, however, you’ll only know if you’re a fan of it after spending some time with your vehicle!

Am I okay if my electric car doesn’t actually save me money?

You were thinking of buying a Tesla Model 3 because the price of gas went up! Guess what, sometimes the price of gas actually comes down!

Now your new electric car payment doesn’t outweigh the gas savings! Is it still worth it for you? Do you believe in the vehicle, product, electric driving experience, or quality of life upgrades enough to potentially be paying more for it than a regular vehicle?

This is a decision you can better make after spending 30-90 days with your Tesla Model 3 rental, through a car subscription from Roam!

🤷‍♀️ What can I rent a Tesla?

If you’re asking the question on where you can rent a Tesla, you’ve read through our electric vehicle guide and decided that you’re ready to test the responsibilities of electric vehicle ownership.

Good news ‼️ Extended vehicle test drive options are available, however, there are different costs and plans depending on the provider you choose!


Turo is a daily rental option that can help you answer 2/9 electric vehicle ownership questions to decide if you should buy an electric car like a Tesla. Turo is a car sharing app that allows drivers to list their vehicles for other drivers, similar to Airbnb.

Positives of renting a Tesla from Turo

  • Simple interface, & easy to create an account 
  • Short term electric vehicle rentals starting from 1+ days

Negatives of renting a Tesla from Turo

  • Expensive since its based on short term ‘daily’ options.
  • Availability of electric vehicles and pickup options will depend on what is online 

Although you’ll learn more compared to a drive at a Tesla dealership, you’ll find that you will still be unable to answer nearly all of the above checklist items and responsibilities that would come with actual electric vehicle ownership

The level of support you are provided will vary based on who you’ve rented the vehicle from.


You’ve probably heard of these folks before. Hertz is a daily rental company that has many vehicles available for rent, besides just Teslas.

Positives of renting a Tesla from Hertz

  • Easy to find a location close to you since they’re a national chain

Negatives of renting a Tesla from Hertz

  • Availability is highly limited depending on location
  • Pricing is expensive since they specialise in daily rental options, not long term options
  • The vehicle condition might not be the best
  • Support might not be easy to reach if you have specific questions about the vehicle


Positives of renting a Tesla from Roam

  • Pricing: The cost of Tesla Model 3 on a longer term commitment with Roam will be the most best priced electric vehicle compared to other rental options like Hertz or Turo
  • Term: Long term rental options from 7 days, up to 1 year, give you the ability to experience ownership without taking out a loan or line of credit. You will have the car for long enough to decide if you’re ready to make the switch
  • Insurance: Tesla car rentals include comprehensive insurance coverage by Roam in 1 simple payment, with no hidden fees. You can take the vehicle on the road in the winter in confidence because you’re covered under Roam’s awesome insurance policy.
  • Selection: Roam has a fleet of electric vehicles to try, including the Tesla Model 3 Rear Wheel Drive, Model 3 extended range, and Model Y. You’ll be able to select the exact Tesla that you might want to purchase from the dealership, and compare it against other electric vehicles in Roam’s fleet!
  • Real-world reviews: Roam is agnostic to all brands and vehicle fleets, which means that you’ll get unbiased feedback from their team and other users about their Tesla experience. If you’re planning on buying an electric vehicle, we truly believe in providing you the resources and vehicle to help you make the decision on your own! Experience is the best teacher
  • Friendly team and awesome support: If and when you have troubles, questions, or growing pains learning to use your electric vehicle, you can call any of our Electric Vehicle Specialists at Roam to help you learn about your vehicle and answer questions!

Negatives of renting a Tesla from Roam

  • The minimum commitment is 7 days
  • Stricter signup process and requirements because of their comprehensive insurance plan


If you’re ready to take on the challenge and rewards for electric vehicle ownership, Roam offers you the best option on the market to rent a Tesla Model 3 in Ontario, at the most competitive price.

With included insurance, and everything you need to drive in 1 monthly payment, a Tesla rental via a Roam Car subscription is the best way to make the switch to a Tesla Model 3!

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Disclaimer: Roam is not affiliated with or endorsed by any automaker in any way. All product names, trademarks, and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

Disclaimer: Roam is not affiliated with or endorsed by any automaker in any way. All product names, trademarks, and trade names are the property of their respective owners.