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Checking Your Tire Treads With A Toonie

Checking Your Tire Treads With A Toonie

You’ve probably heard of the American version of checking the tire treads using a penny. Well don’t fear, we’ve got something in the great white north that’s much easier than looking at the position of Abraham Lincoln’s head. Grab a $2 coin (toonie) and we’ll show you how to measure your tire treads within seconds. Please make sure you check all four tires in the exact same way, and over multiple areas on the tire.

Take your toonie and check every single tire by placing the coin in a tread.

  1. If the tread reaches the bear’s paws, the tires are in excellent condition.
  2. If the tire tread covers the silver ring of the coin, they are about 50% worn out and still in good condition.
  3. If the tread is covering only half of the letters on the silver ring of the coin, it's time to replace the tires.

Here’s a helpful video by the Alberta Motor Association (AMA)


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