Add An Additional Driver

How to add another driver under a subscription! Requirements and guide

You are more than welcome to have an additional driver added to your subscription for an additional $75/month!

To get things started we will need to ensure the following for the secondary driver:

  • Must have a valid Ontario G licence
  • (exception can be made for G2 drivers who have held their licence for 1+ years and have 1+ years under an insurance policy)
  • Must be at least 23 years of age
  • Is from the same household with proof of address
  • Must have a minimum of 1 year driving history with another insurance provider
  • (exception can be made for those who have held a G licence for 2+ Years)
  • **G2 Drivers MUST have 1+ years of insurance history**
  • No major criminal convictions or moving violations
  • No more than 1 at-fault accident in the past 3 years

If all the requirements are met, we will be happy to get things going once the secondary driver creates an account, here are the steps below:

  1. Head to and go to "Browse Cars"
  2. Select any vehicle then click "Subscribe Now" to prompt the Sign Up page OR head to and then select a vehicle!
  3. Enter your contact information and create a password for your profile
  4. Once that is done, upload your Driver's Licence and verify your ID by completing the Selfie verification
  5. Your dashboard should now say "Step 1/4 Background check Processing time up to 1 business day" if all is submitted correctly
  6. After the verification period is complete, we will contact you to sign the Secondary Driver Agreement Form and add you to the primary driver's subscription!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process we'll be happy to assist!