Unable to Drive with Roam?

For those who were not able to complete the subscription process

Weren't able to get the chance to ride with us? We are sorry you were not able to access our services at this time. We want you, along with many others, to have the full Roam experience and benefit from what we have to offer!

Here are the common reasons why you weren't able to drive right away:

Minimum Age Requirement

  • You are not 23 years of age or older

What can you do today?

  • Grow up 👶
  • In all seriousness, Roam will always be around to be an option for your future endeavours and we are excited to have you once the time comes!

Will this change in the future?

At the moment we do not see this changing as we want to ensure safety and responsibility when using our vehicles.

Driver’s License Requirements

  • You do not have a valid Ontario Driver's Licence OR you only have an international driver’s licence

What can you do today?

  • Obtain a valid Ontario licence! Head over to a Service Ontario to get started with obtaining your licence

Have an alternate Provincial licence OR International licence?

If you have 1 year's worth of insurance history along with an international or alternate provincial licence, head to Service Ontario to inquire about exchanging for a valid Ontario G licence!

If you are in the midst of doing this, we will ensure to keep in touch with you during the whole process.

For more information please visit this link to see the qualifications for a licence swap!

Insurance Policy Coverage

What can you do today?

  • Provide the necessary additional documents: previous insurance, letter of experience
  • Begin building insurance history via short term car rentals or by becoming a secondary driver under a primary insurance holder

Will this change in the future?

We are working towards partnering with other insurance providers which would help us to cater to more people who do not have a traditional driving history! At the moment our current process remains the same and we hope to be able to service as many people as we can in the future!

Affected Driving History

  • You have more than 1 at fault claim on your insurance history in the last 3 years
  • You have recent, major driving violations, such as stunt driving or multiple excessive speeding tickets
  • You have more than 6 demerit points

What can you do today?

We recommend contesting your tickets for smaller fines as soon as possible within the allotted time frame in order to expedite or remove any existing violations. Varying on the severity of the penalty you received, we ask that you let us know when the timeline for the penalties will be cleared if it is something that can be handled within an appropriate amount of days!

Will this change in the future?

To ensure the safety of everyone and to comply with the law, these are necessary and obligatory precautions we will always take as we move forward in the future.