Driver's License Verification & Selfie Guide

All Roam Driver's pass a background check & approval process to help keep your subscription cost low!

Congratulations! Once you've completed your phone & email verification, you're now one step closer to accessing over 180+ vehicles with Roam. When you log into your dashboard, the last step in the account creation process is a 2 minute identify verification with an industry leading privacy technology.

Start Uploading My License

Why do I need to verify my account?

Save time

Ever rented a car before, or booked a hotel and had to wait inline during your check-in experience?

Did you enjoy it? Probably not! It's awkward and inefficient!

Roam solves that by ensuring all of our first-time users verify their identity during the account creation process so there's never any lineup, or frustrating 'check-in' experience. With our digital account creation and online booking, you save time later on. Plus, once you're verified to drive with us, you're set for whenever you want to pickup a car in the future! 1 month? 4 months? We've got you covered, and you can "check-in" to a vehicle in less than 5 minutes!

Pre-Negotiated Insurance Rates

Ever shopped for car insurance? Every time you select a new vehicle, it can take up to 5 minutes per quote - just to find out that you aren't getting a good deal!

With Roam, you can take 2 minutes, and get the best insurance quote already included in your monthly vehicle subscription!

Roam uses industry first insurance technology, so when you drive with us you're covered with our comprehensive policy, at a pre-negotiated rate! The 2 minutes can take you hours of back and forth finding the right car, and negotiation on rate.

Once you verify, the insurance work is done on every single vehicle in our fleet of 400 vehicles.

Industry Leading Security

We take your privacy seriously! Vehicles, insurance, and driving history can get complicated, and that's why we take care of the administrative process of getting you signed up to drive on insurance, registered with your selected vehicle, and connecting your monthly subscription to your preferred payment method, that never impacts your credit score. Enjoy worry free signup, and industry leading anti-fraud detection, knowing your identity is secure with our team, and your information will never be misused.

Exclusive Access

Think of Roam like an exclusive membership; you only need to verify your identity once, which enables you access to over 180 cars, 40 models, and 15+ of the best vehicle brands available to drive - without a waitist or complicated sign up process.

When you become approved, you get access to pre-negotiated insurance rates across all of our vehicles. The process can take up to 2 business days, so we want to ensure the car you're interested in is available, whenever you're ready to take it!

Once you verify your identity, you also get priority access to our customer success specialists who can help you select and access incoming inventory.

Start Uploading My License

Driver's License & Selfie Verification Steps

It's recommended you upload your Driver's License as soon as you enter your dashboard so our team can begin your insurance registration immediately. Your insurance registration can take up to 3 business days, and by starting your application we can help ensure you're setup to drive any vehicle in our fleet!

Step 1: Logging into My Dashboard

When you login, please ensure you have your Driver's License handy! Click the upload button.

Click Accept & Continue

Tap "Begin Verifying"

Select Canada as your government ID country.

Please note, at this time we only support the upload of Ontario Driver's Licenses

Please note: if you're on desktop, you'll see the option to scan the QR code to continue your application. Otherwise on mobile the verification tool will open up automatically!

Start Uploading My License

Start Uploading My License

Step 2: Driver's License Verification

Take a photo of the front and back of your Driver's License.

Common reasons why the license upload may require a retry:

  • Expired license
  • Insufficient lighting
  • Physical card is not being used (A photo on the computer, a photocopy, or a digital version might not work correctly)
  • The license is not a "Valid G, Ontario License" (International Licenses will not work)
  • You are under the age of 23 years old

Step 3: My Selfie Verification

You will now need to complete a quick selfie verification. Please look directly at the camera,

Step 4: Awaiting Approval To Drive

Congrats! Your insurance registration will now be processed by our team! Let us take care of the boring administration part, so you can spend more time planning your next road trip!

Start Uploading My License

Frequently Asked Verification Questions

What is the "Approval Process"?

The 'approval process', also referred to as 'insurance registration', is the process that our team takes care of to get you eligible to drive any vehicle on our platform. Traditionally, applying and registering for insurance can be a time intensive process, however with Roam, our team takes care of that for you! Within 3 business days, you'll be all setup to begin driving your vehicle subscription.

Does verifying my identity affect my credit score?

Your credit score is never affected with Roam. We don't pull any soft or hard credit pulls, so you Uploading your license and completing the account verification process does not impact

Why don't rental car companies ask for my info up front?

Compared to a traditional rental car company, Roam asks for you to verify your account & identity up-front because it takes up to 3 business days to get you approved on the car you might select. We offer a completely digital concierge and check-out experience, meaning the work is already done from the start. No lineups, no waiting, not disappointing experiences.

Why don't dealerships verify my identity?

They do! Dealerships will commonly ask for your government issued Driver's License before any test drive. This is standard procedure, however it's also not the last time they will ask for it. Normally it is stored on a photocopier, or in a paper file in someone's desk until the end of time.

Then when it comes time to purchase a car, they will ask for a copy of your license again - makes you wonder - right?

With Roam, when you complete your account verification once, your account goes through an industry leading security check to ensure your records are safe, and you're ready to drive any vehicle within our fleet. One time, and you're set!

Am I committing to a car if I verify my identity?

You are not locked to a particular vehicle, plan, or term when you verify your identity, The reason we ask for this information up front is so that we can save you time later on! Our team will never finalize your subscription request without you giving the final sign-off! We're just here to assist!

Disclaimer: Roam is not affiliated with or endorsed by any automaker in any way. All product names, trademarks, and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

Disclaimer: Roam is not affiliated with or endorsed by any automaker in any way. All product names, trademarks, and trade names are the property of their respective owners.