Top 8 ways To Use Roam ✍️ Your Convenient Monthly Car Subscription

Experiencing difficulties with a sudden flat tire?

Awaiting A Factory Order Make the wait time for your dealership factory order more fun by driving a new car today! There's no stress knowing our team will set you up for your vehicle for as long as you need one, until your order arrives!

Have Family In Town Easily subscribe to a larger 5 or 7 seater SUV to have ample room to take in-laws, cousins, friends, or other family on roadtrips around the city!

Seasonal Needs Only need a vehicle for the summer if your kids are off of school? Or do you prefer all wheel drive in the winter months to battle the 401? Cool! Roam has you covered for a quick upgrade when you need one.

Expats & Vacationers Why make a car payment when you're not even here to drive it!? Whether you're back in the country for work or leisure, we offer simple signup and airport valet!

Need A Vehicle For Work Have client meetings, or are constantly on the road for business? Don't use your own vehicle, use one with Roam! We provide vehicles for plenty of professionals, including doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, and other small business owners!

Build Credit If You're New to Canada Want to get a new vehicle but need to build a line of credit in Canada? Roam has awesome partnerships that allow you to build your credit while getting you immediate access to a new vehicle.

Protect Against Used Car Depreciation The used car market is hot right now, and even if you find one you like, you'll probably find yourself with negative equity a few years from now as the prices head back to normal! Avoid overpaying, with a new car subscription.

Simple Vehicle Expensing For Employees Own a small business and need to provide vehicles for your employees? Roam provides an admin-free way to set your employees up for a vehicle with little intervention.

I'm excited to see the way you use Roam! Be on the lookout for even more helpful hints coming your way.

See you on the road,